Who we are?

Novaschool Educational Project is designed and based on achieving educational excellence, based on a comprehensive, high-level teaching programme for the students, which is tailored to each level and stage of education from ages 0 to 18.

Thus, our goal is to optimize and enhance the capabilities of our students, in their intellectual, physical and artistic level, all carefully and meticulously adapted by a qualified group of professionals, who tailor the curriculum to the students needs and who pay a very special attention to the children’s developmental stages, because they are the very basis for individual development.

The focus is then set on the individual, through fostering the development of our students, to lead their way into becoming tolerant, respectful human beings, who appreciate effort and teamwork and who are fully prepared to meet the challenges of life at different ages.

Novaschool teaching model is based on four fundamental pillars in students’ development: bilingualism, new technologies, arts and sports. Novaschool has designed and implemented big scale cutting-edge projects, which heighten these pillars to the level of excellence and can be experienced in both the private centres Novaschool Añoreta and Novaschool Sunland, as well as in our nursery schools.

Novaschool currently comprises seven schools (five primary schools in various parts of Andalusia and two private schools up to 18), a sports complex (with two swimming pools, sports hall, several basketball courts and soccer, fitness and training rooms) a High School Basketball Club and the EBA league, C. B. Novaschool.

By 2012 a new nursery is expected to open in the town of Arrecife, in Lanzarote, with 847 square meters’ facilities built on a 1,800 m2. plot, which can accommodate 96 students from 0 to 3 years.