Quality Policy

In our work for an education of excellence, in the Novaschool Educational Group we have a firm commitment to provide our students with a high quality education through an effective Quality Policy.

That is why to establish this Quality Policy, all members of the organisation (management team, teachers, general services staff...) work day by day based on the Quality and Environment Management System of the Novaschool Educational Group both in terms of the academic field, and in relation to the well-being of our students in the different educational centers of the group.

In March 2011 we began our journey with the certification of our bilingual private school Novaschool Añoreta, which has the quality and environmental certificates of the international standards UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001, granted by AENOR (Spanish Association of Standardisation and Certification) and has continued to work according to the requirements established in the Management System implemented in our center, which has provided a solid basis for continuous improvement.

With all the knowledge and experience acquired, from the group we have continued working in this line implementing our Quality Policy in the rest of the educational centers of the group, following the same line and with an eye on the certification of the rest of the centers. In March 2018 Novaschool Sunland International, our British private school, got both quality and environmental certificates under the standards of the international standards UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001 and since 2019 our bilingual private school Novaschool Benalmádena, is also a certified center with the UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001.

We continue to work in each and every one of the Novaschool educational centers based on the Quality Policy of the group, and every year we set ourselves new objectives.

Below we show what it consists of and how we implement our Integrated Management System in the Novaschool Educational Group:

Novaschool group is a private educational institution born in 1999 that bases its educational model on academic excellence and innovation. Since its inception, all its centers propose to respond to the highest level of needs that today's society demands from the professionals of the future and for this it provides an exceptional educational environment that differentiates it from other educational alternatives.

This requires a clear orientation of the organization towards four key factors:

  1. Orientation towards interest groups (students, families and teaching and non-teaching staff): achieving maximum satisfaction and loyalty of these stakeholders.
  2. Process orientation: through a systematic management of our processes.
  3. Results orientation: seeking the balance of all stakeholders.
  4. Orientation towards a sustainable and respectful development with the environment: integrating the necessary actions within our management system.

Based on the above, and as a guarantee of the achievement of the guidelines, in Novaschool we establish the following principles and strategic values:

  1. Leadership managers, educators and support staff develop, promote and motivate with their behavior to achieve excellence and comply with all legal requirements.
  2. People: the development and involvement of people are essential factors for the achievement of objectives.
  3. Partnerships: collaboration with our key suppliers and stakeholders by establishing partnerships that generate value.
  4. Continuous Improvement: through the implementation of Integrated Management Systems, and through the application of the EFQM Model of Excellence.
  5. Information Security: protecting information resources against threats, internal or external, deliberate or accidental, in order to ensure compliance with the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information.
  6. Orientation towards educational innovation: increasing teacher training and improving knowledge management and encouraging the creation of innovative projects within teaching departments.

To this end, we focus our efforts on:

  1. Promote a teaching where the contents encourage the desire to learn, the desire and joy to know and the effort and work of good work in the educational center.
  2. Accompany the student in his/her physical development, in his/her affective maturation and in his/her social integration, at the same time that he/she is helped to his/her intellectual cultivation to continue his/her higher studies with guarantees of success.
  3. Educate through human values, so that students are responsible and supportive citizens integrated into a democratic, plural society with values of gender equality.

In Novaschool we are aware that the Organisation is part of a Community, which implies an impact of its activities and, therefore, a social responsibility, which we assume through:

  1. An adequate Environmental Management, together with the commitment to pollution prevention and implementing ecological and renewable energy systems in our centers.
  2. Participation and integration: participating to social activities for the community and collaborating with the administrations and organisations concerned.
  3. The provision of research, development and innovation activities at the service of citizenship, social welfare, sustainable development and environmental protection.
  4. Promotion and integration in gender equality in all aspects, both labor and education. As well as in the reconciliation of family and work.

To this end Novaschool we are committed to:

  1. Increase and consolidate innovation in an environment of continuous improvement.
  2. Evaluate and know all the environmental impacts derived from our activities and act on them efficiently.
  3. Comply with the legislation that applies to us and other legal requirements that we can subscribe to, and as far as possible exceed the requirements established therein.
  4. Promote the minimisation of energy, water and paper consumption in order to grow sustainably.
  5. Guarantee the Information Security, ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, availability of the information and minimizing risks of damage.
  6. Periodically review the established Integral Management System.

Integrated Management System Policy

Signed: Francisco Barrionuevo

CEO Novaschool

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