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This webpage ( is intended to provide the public with general information about NOVASCHOOL products and services. The use of this digital publication and its contents is subject to the conditions of use specified in this notice. The use of the webpage supposes full acceptance by the user of all the terms and conditions of this Legal Notice. If you do not wish to accept these conditions then we politely request that you do not use our page and its contents.

These general conditions are governed by Spanish law. NOVASCHOOL reserves the right to modify these conditions at any time.


NOVASCHOOL is the owner of all the rights of the software of the webpage as well as the rights of industrial and intellectual ownership of contents included in the page, with the exception of the rights to products and services that do not belong to this company, and whose brands are registered by their respective owners and are as such recognised by NOVASCHOOL.

This webpage contains references to NOVASCHOOL commercial or registered brands. The use without the full and previous permission of NOVASCHOOL is completely forbidden.  All other references to other commercial or registered brands belong to their respective owners.

NOVASCHOOL authorizes anybody to download, copy or print any part of the contents of this page for personal use whenever NOVASCHOOL copyright or any other property rights are not infringed and no information, contents or warnings are changed, modified  or deleted. The copying of Information must not be understood as authorization for the transfer of NOVASCHOOL property rights.

NOVASCHOOL prohibits the copying, duplication, redistribution, commercialization or any other activity for public use which can be carried out with the contents of the webpages even if the sources are attributed, except with written permission from NOVASCHOOL.


All the information that NOVASCHOOL receives through this webpage will not be considered confidential. Any other information sent to Novaschool through these webpages could be used, reproduced, changed, sent or issued by NOVASCHOOL.

NOVASCHOOL  will respect the cofidentiality of all personal data provided by visitors to the web page according to the Organic Law 15/1999 for the protection of personal data of the 13th of December. When the user provides us with personal information, we will use it to answer their queries, to process their orders or to provide them access to specific account information, as well as to improve our relationship with clients or contacts.

The information sent to NOVASCHOOL through this webpage regarding personnel selection will be stored confidentially and will be treated according to the corresponding European or national legislation regarding information privacy.  The sending of information implies authorization for NOVASCHOOL to use it to evaluate the application and to transfer it to any of NOVASCHOOL´S subsidiaries, where it will be treated in the same way.

Any other use of personal data will require the user´s previous consent.

If you wish to update your personal information, please contact our Human Resources department.


NOVASCHOOL does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for content that third parties have included in the hyperlinks referred to on this page. The establishment of the hyperlink does not imply the existence of a relationship between NOVASCHOOL and the owner of the webpage, nor the acceptance or approval by NOVASCHOOL of the contents or services offered to the public.


Links to this webpage from other webpages can be created according to the terms and conditions listed below.
A webpage linked to the NOVASCHOOL webpage:

  • Can be linked to the NOVASCHOOL webpage content, but without reproducing it.
  • Must not create a search engine of NOVASCHOOL content.
  • Must not imply that NOVASCHOOL is responsible for its products.
  • Must not give false information about its relationship with NOVASCHOOL.
  • Must not give false information about NOVASCHOOL products or services.
  • Must not use the NOVASCHOOL logo with previous permission.
  • Must not include content considered to be unpleasant, offensive or controversial and must only have content suitable for all ages.


Any alteration, change, modification or adaptation of this webpage or of any information contained is completely forbidden.
Based on the general principles of electronic communication processes, NOVASCHOOL is not responsible for any damage in the user´s software or hardware derived from access to its webpage or the use of information or applications contained in it. In the same way it will not be responsible or guarantee the availability and continuity of access to the page and does not guarantee it is free of errors.

The user will answer to all damage of all types that NOVASCHOOL may suffer as a consequence of the breach of any of the obligations of the present terms and conditions. The user is aware of and willingly accepts that the use of any of this webpages contents is under their own responsibility.

Novaschool is not responsible for any possible discrepancies that could arise between printed documents and online versions of the same document published on its websites.


Children must not send any personal information without parental/guardian permission to Novaschool websites. Novaschool helps parents/tutuors teach children to make a safe, healthy and responsable use of personal information on the internet. Novaschool will not store for any use whatsoever, including the sending of said information to third parties,  any information sent by children.


The terms and conditions in this document are governed by Spanish law. Users of this webpage completely renounce any other jurisdiction without any detriment to the Ministry of Law´s competencies and they will submit to the Law Courts and Tribunals of the city of Málaga for the settlement of any question that could arise from the interpretation, application and fulfillment of these Terms and Conditions as well as any appeals that could come from its use.


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