Secundaria y Bachillerato Dual

El Proyecto Secundaria y Bachillerato Dual IGCSE/ A-Levels de Novaschool nace como resultado de la vocación de enriquecer la formación del alumnado de nuestro colegio bilingüe en Almería, facilitándoles el acceso a un futuro universitario y profesional en cualquier lugar del mundo.

Through the Proyecto Secundaria y Bachillerato Dual IGCSE/ A-Levels was born as a result of the vocation to enrich the training of the students of our bilingual school in Malaga, giving access to a university and professional future anywhere in the world.

Thanks to this project, students will be able to obtain the IGCSE(International General Certificate of Secondary Education)and official Cambridge A-Levels.These certificates enjoy international prestige and will allow them to continue higher studies in Europe, Great Britain, and the United States.

For this, we have the support of the prestigious Cambridge Institution, which provides an innovative methodology - in accordance with the requirements that govern the leading OECD countries in education - with which to complement the educational advances that we have been implementing in Novaschool in recent years.

Official Cambridge certifications

Our Proyecto Secuandaria y Bachillerato Dual IGCSE/ A-Levels must contribute to developing in students the skills and competencies that enable them to successfully develop their higher education process in any university centre in the European Community, Great Britain and from the United States, without this preparation significantly increasing the study load or detrimental to the training necessary to pass the Spanish curriculum that culminates in the PEvAU tests.

The teaching offer of the British certificates presents a flexible and adaptable format to the educational needs of our students, who through this complement will obtain enriched training with which they will better respond to the demands posed by the new society, globalisation and the world of work in continuous transformation, fostering their creativity and skills for collaborative work.

This British training is developed in two levels, established respectively in the period of two school years:

Secondary: IGCSE certificates

The IGCSE (International General Certificates of Secondary Education) certificate. It is obtained at the end of 4th ESO and its preparation begins in 3rd ESO. The subjects that will be evaluated in our centre are detailed in the training plan. certificado IGCSE (International General Certificates of Secondary Education). Se obtiene al finalizar 4º ESO y su preparación se inicia en 3º ESO. Las materias que se evaluarán en nuestro centro se detallan en el plan de formación.

HIGH SCHOOL. A-Levels Certificates

A-Levels,certificate obtained at the end of 2nd year of Baccalaureate and covers as a preparation period the entire high school stage, that is, 1st and 2nd. The subjects that our students take for this certificate are detailed in the training plan.

Filosofía del proyecto Secundaria y Bachillerato Dual IGCSE/ A-Levels

Más allá de la obtención de estos certificados, el Proyecto Dual persigue una formación integral y en excelencia de nuestros alumnos, contribuyendo a la evolución positiva de su desarrollo personal, social y profesional y con el objetivo de promover en ellos personalidades que reúnan los siguientes aspectos:

An open mind thanks to the contact with another educational system in English language. In addition to promoting the critical assessment of difference from respect for diversity.

Audacity to face an intellectual challenge, encouraging the desire to learn both individually and collectively and to approach changes with creativity and resilience.

The inquiry into a methodology that encourages autonomous learning and the development of curiosity in all facets of life.

Communicative wealth in an international language, developing skills that allow them to express themselves with confidence and creativity.

Development of reflection and critical thinking thanks to the format of the tasks posed by the different subjects.

In conclusion, it is about increasing the innovative training of Novaschool schools, enriching it with the successes of British training, helping to develop their full potential to promote reflective, balanced, respectful of diversity, educated, autonomous and creative personalities, capable of facing the challenges of the academic world to which they will be incorporated when finishing Baccalaureate.

In this way, the educational community in which this teaching model is inserted will ensure that student learning meets the requirements of autonomy, creativity, and critical thinking and that the culture of effort for the human and intellectual growth of students is promoted. students.

Admission policy

El proceso de admisión de alumnos para acceder al Proyecto Dual debe garantizar en la medida de lo posible la adecuación de las características del alumno −fundamentalmente en relación a sus aptitudes y su motivación− a las necesidades del Proyecto.

In this process, the following elements will be taken into consideration:

  1. An interview of the student to assess their request by the Project coordinating team and the Educational Directorate of the centre.
  2. Student's academic record.
  3. The profile of the student will be assessed in terms of motivation, responsibility, maturity, and interest in the study.
  4. The Language Department recommends the established level of English.
  5. The academic and professional interests detected in the student will be attended to.
  6. If the student is newly admitted, the personal interview will also include the student's family and their academic record will be considered until the date of admission to a Novaschool centre, as well as the accreditation of the level of English required by the Department of Languages. In case of doubt, the school reserves the right to establish prior knowledge tests.
  7. The evaluation of the submitted application will be the responsibility of the Educational Directorate. In the same way, the decision on whether the student can access the tests to obtain the IGCSE and A-Levels certificates corresponds to the management of the school and will be final.

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